School Board


The school board is the governing body of the school district, and the six members are local citizens elected to four-year teams. Members are required to comply with laws and regulations enacted by the Minnesota Legislature and Minnesota Department of Education. The board approves budgets, hires staff, establishes curriculum and determines policy.

2018-2019 School Year Meeting Dates

Unless otherwise noted, regular monthly School Board meetings take place on the fourth Monday of each month and Special Meetings take place on the second Monday of each month. Both meetings will be held at 6:00 pm.

Board Members

DC School Board


"My goal is to help ensure that the Dassel Cokato School District remains true in our community values and that each action is absolutely best for our students. As a board member, I believe in being accessible and receptive to dialog from all students, parents, community members and staff, that input and discussion from outside the board room shapes the right decisions within."

Vice Chair

"My goal as a member of this board is to uphold the history of high quality education which has been the standard for decades past. In order to achieve this, I believe it remains the responsibility of not only the faculty and administration, but also the School Board, and citizens of the community to work together to focus on areas of improvement and make any changes necessary to maintain this high quality learning environment for our students."


"As a board member I am here to serve and be available to our community, students and district employees. My goal is to help provide direction through planning, goal setting and upholding our community's values and district's mission. I want to ensure opportunities to all students by by preparing them with life lessons and becoming successful contributors to their families and communities."


"Being a member of the school board is important to me because I want to continue to provide our students with the highest quality of education while they are within our schools and for their future endeavors. It is also important to me that we retain our quality teachers and staff who contribute to our students success and future ventures.


"Education is our hope for the future. Each student should be instilled with a desire to learn by dedicated teachers and staff who are supported by parents and the community, as the administration and board work together to provide the best possible education for life-long learning."


"My goal is to serve with others to provide good oversight and direction that can lead us in unimaginable ways that impact the future success of young people and strengthens our community as a whole. I believe in the Dassel-Cokato School district, its teachers, and in the development of well-rounded students who can think, lead, and advocate through access to excellent Academics, Arts, Athletics and Activities. "