Dassel-Cokato ISD 466 School Board

Rebecca Clemen (chair):

"Our goal is to provide a safe and positive learning experience for all students within our communities. With the help of teachers, staff, administrators, parents and community members; together we will strive to create an atmosphere where students can reach their full potential."

Irene Bender (vice chair):

"Education is our hope for the future. Each student should be instilled with a desire to learn by dedicated teachers and staff who are supported by parents and the community, as the administration and board work together to provide the best possible education for life-long learning."

Bill Aho (treasurer):

" common mission."

Chuck Nelson (clerk):

"My goal as a member of this board is to uphold the history of high quality education which has been the standard for decades past.   In order to achieve this, I believe it remains the responsibility of not only the faculty and administration, but also the School Board, and citizens of the community to work together to focus on areas of improvement and make any changes necessary to maintain this high quality learning environment for our students."

Shane Colberg (director):

Dave Sangren (director):