Dassel-Cokato ISD 466 Communities

The communities of Dassel and Cokato have a strong history of supporting education. They have passed and renewed operating referendums from 1985 to present that have ensured small class sizes, educational opportunities and technology innovation. The middle school was added on to the high school complex in1991 with an addition built in 1998. Cokato Elementary was remodeled in 1993. The Performing Arts Center, additional classrooms and extra-curricular facilities were built in 2005.

What's special about the Dassel-Cokato community?

  • Over 20 churches in the district care for the spiritual needs of the community.
  • An abundance of lakes in the area offer excellent fishing and recreational opportunities.
  • Public libraries affiliated with regional systems are located in both Dassel and Cokato.
  • Athletic organizations, community education and private enterprises provide year 'round recreational activities.
  • Dassel and Cokato both have an aggressive growth attitude toward small business & light industry development.
  • There are ten county and municipal parks within the school district which provide a wide range of services.
  • Dassel-Cokato has a small town, friendly atmosphere but is located near big city opportunities through close proximity to Minneapolis/ Saint Paul, St. Cloud and Hutchinson.