Welcome to Dassel-Cokato ISD 466
"Committed to Educational Excellence"

The mission of Independent School District 466, Dassel-Cokato Schools is to provide programs of educational excellence to students of all ages.
We are committed to the idea of life-long learning as evidenced by our programs serving infants through senior citizens.

The Dassel-Cokato School District is a rural school district in central Minnesota. It serves the steadily growing communities of Dassel and Cokato which have a combined population of approximately 3100 residents. The entire school district, which includes many rural and lake homes, has a total population of 7910 residents.

The district consists of three modern, attractive and well-maintained school facilities with additions as recent as 1998. Each community hosts a K-4 elementary school, and a larger complex is located halfway between Dassel and Cokato on highway twelve which includes a pre-school, a community education center, a 5-8 middle school and a 9-12 high school. Total school enrollment has been steadily increasing, and current K-12 enrollment is approximately 2300 students. District employees number about 350 with 141 of those being teachers.

What's special about D-C schools?

  • North Central Accreditation.
  • Dassel Elementary and DCHS recognized as "National Schools of Excellence."
  • Cokato Elementary recognized as a "State School of Excellence."
  • Class sizes for lower elementary averages 20 students.
  • K-12 individualized gifted program recognized as state model.
  • District character pillars.
  • FOCUS program and Area Learning Center for at-risk students.
  • Outstanding Media / Technology capabilities including computers in every classroom. 
  • Full 1 to 1 student / computer ratio grades 5-12.
  • Mobile carts of computers and full computer labs in the ALC and Elementary buildings.
  • Local area computer networks in each school and a wide area network for the entire district that provides Internet access to every computer in the district.
  • District reading specialists
  • Coordinated K-12 curriculum with sequential learning objectives.
  • Student test scores well above national averages.
  • Extensive extra and co-curricular activities including recent state championships in wrestling, drum line, speech, track, mock trial, and problem solving.
  • Indoor swimming pool.
  • Community education programs serving people of all ages.
  • Opportunities for parent/community involvement in curriculum development, extra-curricular activities and volunteer programs in the schools.