D-C Girls Swim & Dive Going to State

Front Row: Olivia Travis, Katelyn Lee, Megan Nelson, Audrey Jarman
Back Row: Leah Aamot, Hayley LaZarre, Brynn Olsen, Kezia Lee 

Please join us in congratulating the D-C Girls Swim & Dive team!
The following swimmers and divers will be participating at the State Meet Thursday, November 16th through Saturday, November 18th, 
at the U of M Aquatic Center, Minneapolis.

Medley Relay: Audrey Jarman, Katelyn Lee, Hayley LaZarre, Kezia Lee
200 Free: Olivia Travis
Diving: Megan Nelson & Brynn Olsen
100 Fly: Hayley LaZarre
100 Backstroke: Olivia Travis
400 Free Relay: Hayley LaZarre, Leah Aamot, Audrey Jarman, Olivia Travis

Cokato Elementary Fire Prevention Week


Cokato elementary students recognize Fire Prevention Week.

ALC Camping Trip

The DC ALC took 8 students camping this week at Collinwood Park for outdoor education class. The students camped in the large group site by Chelgren Lake. Students did typical camping chores of setting up tents, cooking food, collecting water, splitting firewood, etc. We also did some hiking of the Collinwood trails and canoeing/fishing on the lake. Students had assignments of fireside reading of Listening Point and the Sand County Almanac as well as star gazing (constellations, venus, type of moon, side of the Milky Way galaxy, 6 shooting stars) Students also had some fun of Bocce Ball, cards, games of connections, smore's, storytelling and so much more. We spent the night in 28 degree weather and woke up to a good amount of frost. Students did a great job of cleaning up camp and leaving no trace (LNT) They then followed up camping with doing service learning out at Collinwood park.

DCHS Service Learning Day

By Lydia Harju and Mara Peterson
DCHS Journalism students

Students of Dassel-Cokato High School had the opportunity to participate in a variety activities for 2017 Service Learning Day on October 10th.

“Service learning day is a day where students can spend the afternoon volunteering in the community, whether its on-campus or off-campus, to help people in need,” said Katie Scepaniak, high school Spanish teacher and an organizer of the event.

Brooke Dell, high school Spanish teacher and an organizer of the event, explained the committee that put the day together, met about 6 times to plan, starting last spring. Many of the activities had been done in previous years, along with new ideas students and staff came up with. Some of the activities included: The Sandwich Project, high school cleanup, dog toy and mitten making, pie baking and selling, and many others.

The Sandwich Project is an activity that Dassel-Cokato High School has been a part of in past years. The goal for the high school students was to make 2,500 sandwiches. Johanna Koivisto and Kara Kivisto, students at DCHS, mentioned how they were happy to give back to the

“I think it’s important that all students have an opportunity to do something for the greater good,”said Dell. “It gets them exposed to what it feels like to do good in the world, and maybe encourage them to keep doing so.”

Many students agreed that the activities were enjoyable and had a positive impact on many people in our community. They had a chance to sign up for an activity that interests them to give back to the community. They were able to learn a lot about the activities that they signed up.

“It helps other people and it builds character,” said Hannah Aho, DCHS sophomore who was making mittens.

Service Learning Day impacts many students positively by being able to see how they are helping out in the world, whether it’s seeing the product they created or the person they are impacting.

Images courtesy of Ava Erickson


DCMS Tech Club

Tech Club at DCMS offers students tools and equipment to design, build, and create. Projects range from 3D printing, to programming robots, to creating custom programs.

Randy Johnson has developed a space with materials for students to let their curiosity and imagination come to life.  The students have everything at their fingertips they need to realize almost anything they can imagine. Randy is alway ready to lend a hand and help students through any rough spots, but the creative force is always the child.

To register, contact Community Ed -286-4120 or go online to commed.dc.k12.mn.us.

House of Charity

The House of Charity is a Homeless Shelter in Minneapolis.  Starting today we will be accepting donations in the Middle School office. 

NFHS Streaming DC Charger Events

Say Thank You to The People Who Coach Your Children!

Within the Dassel-Cokato Activities Department work over 70 coaches and advisors. Countless more work with our Community Education programs. Although our core mission is education during the regular school day the opportunities provided by extra-curricular and after-school program are extremely important. The many adults that dedicate their time to running these programs deserve our thanks and gratitude.

The hours worked by our coaches and advisors during games, at practices, and preparing for both events go well beyond the financial compensation they receive. Oftentimes they are giving up their time with families to support the efforts of our children and opportunities to earn more money doing more traditional jobs.
Unfortunately, the environment surrounding activities can become very negative because of parent and fan input. The competitive nature of athletics, and fine arts competitions, does not always bring out the best in us. 

Within our district I am seeing less willingness to provide leadership in our after school activities programs and some of that is driven by the constant stress that our coaches and advisors experience. 

I enjoy winning as much as anyone and expect us to run competitive programs. With that said, it is most important that all of us use activities to teach our children how to be good team mates, accept leadership, show leadership, and learn how to deal with wins and losses in a positive healthy manner. The future success of our children is much more grounded in the many positive character traits, disciplines, and qualities that are taught through activities than it is in their abilities as an athlete or performer. The percentages of people who make their living as an athlete or performer are infinitesimally small.

Let’s work together to help our students keep the proper perspective on activities and advocate for the many coaches and advisors that make our activity programs possible. Say thank you to your child’s coach or advisor. They greatly need all of us to provide them with support and encouragement!



As a continuation of our school pride theme, all students and staff are encouraged to wear the Dassel-Cokato Charger colors on Fridays throughout the year. 

The colors are blue and white.


Here come the DC Chargers,
fighting to keep our honor;
Cheer for the DC Chargers, 
we’ll win this game! (Rah, Rah, Rah!)
Here’s to the blue and white; 
with all our might we’ll fight. 
Onward to victory, 
we’ll win this game tonight! (Fight!)


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